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Governance structure and management organization of TRANSCAN-2
Light blue (dark blue) boxes and arrows = internal (external) structures and communication paths


The TRANSCAN-2 structure is comprised of four bodies:

· The Network Coordination Unit (NCU), is the body responsible for the day-to-day management and the external TRANSCAN-2 consortium representation; it is composed of the TRANSCAN-2 coordinator, Dr. Giovanni Leonardi; the deputy coordinator and scientific coordinator, Dr. Gaetano Guglielmi; Dr. Silvia Paradisi, Ms. Maria Romero and Dr. Elena Toschi.

· The Network Steering Committee (NSC), composed by one representative from each TRANSCAN-2 partner organisation, is the strategic decision-making body responsible for the project execution.

· The Network Advisory Board (NAB), comprises the work package leaders, the NSC chair and vice-chair and the coordinator. It advises the coordinator on the overall management, on the activities implementation and on the preparation of meetings.

· The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), is composed of 10 high level experts in the field of translational cancer research.



 Fourth Joint Transnational Call 2017 (JTC 2017)

on: Translational Research on Rare Cancers

 Deadline for submission of pre-proposals: February 6th, 2018

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JTC 2016

on: “Minimally and non-invasive methods for early detection and/or progression of cancer"

14 projects selected for funding 

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